Saturday, September 05, 2009

Is Van Jones gonna be "Van Out"?

So if he VAN JONES gets fired...Does Glenn Beck get any credit?! Wasn't Van Jones' group encouraging the other group to boycott Beck? The plot thickens...It wouldn't bother me so much if this wasn't my own government we were talking about?


Lone Ranger said...

It's 12:06 am eastern. He just resigned.

Tonto said...

GET OUT of here!!! I am in Vegas for the long weekend. I am out of the loop! Hot Dog! Glad to hear it. Luv it. Thanks for the update.

lucydrake said...

Glenn will not fall: Glenn has a lot to say and it's for the good of Freedom. We are a free nation and anyone who is trying to turn us into a communist country...I do not stand for-Sorry.