Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Now, We Are A Mob

First, conservatives were dangerous right-wing radicals and potential terrorists. Now, anyone who opposes Obama-care is part of a mob, paid to show up at democrat town halls and be disruptive. The proof? According to that great intellect, Barbara Boxer, these protesters are too-well dressed! These libs are in full panic mode. They literally riot in the streets during world finance summits and political conventions. They invade Catholic churches and intimidate people during their gay pride demonstrations. They spent eight years trying to destroy George Bush. But, when our side voices our concerns and airs our anger, we are a mob, often hired and bused in to disrupt their propaganda meetings. That isn't how conservatives operate. They aren't bused in, liberals are. Their protests aren't planned down to the bags of feces they are to throw, liberal protests are. Conservatives don't show up with mass-produced banners and signs, liberals do. Talk about fascist and elitist. The thing that is so incongruous about liberal elitism is that they are like mangy, stray curs, who consider themselves Eukanuba Best of Show winners. And, they look down at happy, healthy house pets as dangerous packs of feral dogs, attacking mindlessly. It's about time true Americans recognized the threat to our country and rose up to stop it. The founders of the Republican party would be disgusted at the gutless leadership that exists today. Don't depend on politicians to clean up this country. They are the problem, not the solution. It's time to grab some brooms and do the job ourselves.


Anonymous said...

How I wish I could start the cleaning in California. Babs is the more radical of the two broads who proclaim to represent the state that USED TO BE the envy of the other states. Gee, I wonder what changed??


Lady Vi said...

Very well said, LR. I couldn't agree more!