Thursday, August 20, 2009


I have added My Voice On the Wings of Change by Namaste to my short but high-quality blogroll. As you long-time friends of this blog know, just adding my blog to your blogroll doesn't mean you will be added to mine. But this lady's blog is truly intelligent, interesting and conservative. There is nothing I admire more than black men and women who have escaped the liberal plantation and do not fear the wrath of racist liberals to express their opinions. And she's cute too.


namaste said...

oh crap! you're gonna give me a big head.

seriously, THANK YOU. i am humbled by your kind words.


Lone Ranger said...

Welcome to the family.

I started this blog just as a way to express and solidify my thoughts without arguing with some pinhead liberals. It never occurred to me that anyone would actually read it or that people would be interested in what I say. I have a brutal comments policy that forbids profanity, vulgarity and insults, which pretty much shuts out liberals. It's just a nice little place to visit and comment. Nothing big going on here.

Mark said...

No need to be modest, LR. I look forward to every word you type, and I go into LR withdrawal on those days you don't post. Just the way I go into withdrawal when Mark Levin takes a vacation.

You are an inspiration and I feel honored every time you leave a comment at my place.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing her out--she's great!