Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flag Yourself?

A lot of people are going to Obama's snitch site and flagging themselves as right-wing mobsters opposed to Washington's health "reform" bills. I had pondered that until I heard that people who had made no or no other contact with the White House were receiving health care spam from presidential adviser David Axelrod. The last thing I want to do is attract the attention of creepy Internet lowlifes. Besides, if they can use your e-mail address to spam you with misinformation (lies), what other nefarious uses could they have for it? I've already had one harrowing brush with the IRS.


Mark said...

I did it. I sent them an e-mail linking them to the text of one of their very own health care reform proposals. I told them it seems pretty "fishy" to me.

I haven't received any correspondence from the White House, or any other Government entity.

I also sent e-mails to Warner and Webb asking them to vote no.

Mark said...

Warner assured me he is not in favor of the single payer system, but of course that doesn't mean he won't vote for it.

Webb sent me back a form letter repeating the Democrat party line of 47 million uninsured. Webb, once a Republican Secretary of the Navy, has sold himself out to the leftwing fringe. He is a lost cause, I fear.

Lone Ranger said...

There should be a policy across the nation among opponents of this monster that if it passes, everyone gets voted out of office, whether he voted for it or against it.

Joe said...

LR: That's an idea. Instead of asking our dearly loved lawmakers whether they would put themselves on the health care plan they design for us, let's challenge them, if they love it so much, would they be willing to give up their office for it.

Then we could vote it back out and existance and we'd have a whole new set of congresspersons.