Monday, July 27, 2009

Missing Something?

Have you ever gotten hooked on a TV series only to find it missing from the schedule? I just stumbled on a site that lists canceled programs. TV Series Finale informed me, much to my sorrow, that Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles will not be returning for a third season. If nothing else, it will help you deprogram your TiVO. OH NOOOOOO! Not Life! Not Monk! Not Shark! Not Pushing Daisies! Not Eleventh Hour! Not Nashville Star! Not Reaper! Not Samantha Who! Not The Unit! Not The Unusuals! Not Hole in the Wall! (OK, just kidding about that last one).


Mark said...

I don't know of most of those, but I will really miss Monk. I have withdrawal symptoms bet "seasons". I look for reruns...any reruns of that show.

Mark said...

I meant between seasons. Not bet.