Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ann Coulter on the Firefighter case

Coulter's new post on the Ricci case is great but my favorite is her comment on response to Ginsburg's statements that Firefighter's having to score well on a test is silly and there is so much more to their job...well I say..get in line sister...that is my job too as a lawyer but reality is only lawyers who do well on written tests ever get to be one despite many other more valuable qualities...which is exactly what Coulter says too...see below...
Unleashing the canard of all race-obsessed liberals, Ginsburg observed that courts have found that a fire officer's job "involves complex behaviors, good interpersonal skills, the ability to make decisions under tremendous pressure, and a host of other abilities -- none of which is easily measured by a written, multiple choice test." So does a lawyer's job. And yet attorneys with absolutely no "interpersonal skills" get cushy jobs and extravagant salaries on the basis of their commendable performance on all manner of written tests, from multiple choice LSATs and bar exams to written law school exams.
As an aside she has just described most if not all of my former bosses. In fact, let me describe the partners in my current has Asperberger's which means he NEVER EVER speaks except in a low mumble and only two people in the office. I don't know what his voice sounds like he has never even said hello to me. He NEVER EVER makes eye contact and never ever leaves his office. Odd doesn't describe it. Next partner-- has Tourette's Syndrome....he walks the halls shakking one leg every 2 minutes while he says F*%k, Sh*t! I kid you not! I sit inmy office and hear him pass all day long and think I am in a Jack Nicholson movie. I could go on about the rest but you will stop believing me.

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