Thursday, June 25, 2009


Lone Ranger-Please send Obama copies of your posts about your "PRETTY HIGH SATISFACTION" that you get every time you go into the military hospital about your ankle!!! I think Obama has been misinformed. I wanna hear the response. Where does Obama get his information? Obama said this last night on ABC's infomercial and I almost fell out of bed thinking about this statement and Your experience - LR!

Obama said he didn't understand those advocates of the free market who constantly complaint only the private sector can do things better and are yet worried about this plan. "If that's the case, no one will choose the public option," the president said. He also suggested, however, that the private sector might not necessarily be better, point out that users of Medicare and Veterans Administration hospitals constantly rate "pretty high satisfaction."

Everyone is comparing his stuttering on his answer to care for his own wife and daughter to Dukakis' death penalty answer if his wife were raped and murdered! Right from the Horse's MOUTH! Now that to me pretty much sums up the debate...Please let this ObamaCare thing be thrown into the trash SOON!

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Lone Ranger said...

Obama care will be FAR worse than what I'm going trough. We have the best military hospitals in the country here in the DC area. The politicians all go to them. But there simply aren't enough doctors. I saw my general practitioner Tuesday and she read the ortho's notes. He said I am healing and that I should see him in a month and he will take x-rays and an mri before he decides to operate. THAT was news to me. He didn't tell me a word of that. The important thing is that she gave me some painkillers, which take the edge off the pain, so I should be missing a lot less work.