Monday, June 29, 2009

Sometimes it takes a lawsuit

Okay now here is a story where this poor dead Good Samaritan's family will sue and WIN! for negligence...because it is completely forseeable that a person may have to stop on the highway for any number of reasons AT NIGHT and exit their car and need to walk on the highway...making a 17 feet gap between lanes RIDICULOUS! Some lawyer I am sure is already calling and should...this is so sad. Just because it is a bridge does not mean cars do not breakdown or there would not arise the need to cross over to the other side of the bridge. I guarantee this bridge will be changed when this family finishes suing.


Mark said...

I don't know. It is also completely foreseeable that the guy crossing would notice that the other lane was 17 feet away from the lane he is in. And, how could he not notice there was a gap there? Was he drunk? I see bridges everywhere built like that.

Mark said...

I think we require more information.

Tonto said...

But it was dark at night and he was in a panicked state...but I do see your point.

I am sympathetic because I am that dingy that I would do exactly what the Good Samaritan did. In a hurry I have walked into the sliding glass door seeing my son fall down!

Also I am not familiar with bridges so I have never seen that and it is foreseeable that someone like me would do that.

Lone Ranger said...

I recall that happening once in L.A. An elderly couple broke down and the man was walking for help and fell through a gap in the freeway. Often in L.A., you don't even know when you're on an elevated freeway.

Anonymous said...

We have bridges like that all over the place around us in the Inland Empire of SoCal. They either are an overpass to surface streets below, or are a bridge over a wash, storm drain, etc.

I would love it if they would not build bridges like that, at least around here. It's obvious that I-15 is needing widening in our area, and there is all kinds of open real estate between the north and southbound sides--except where they built the bridges. They'd have to go to all the trouble to close that gap before they could add lanes, which if they had a little foresight to begin with, that would have been a solid bridge across to make growth easier down the road. (Yes, pun intended.) Perfect example of it being a safety issue as well.

Okay, off my soapbox.... I feel for all involved. :(