Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Can we force Politicians to be single?

Hey priests have to be "single" and celibate. Not working... Politicians have to be "married with kids" to have the "right image." Not working... Let's force them to be single give them a mistress up front...and then if he never sleeps with her or better yet makes an honest woman of her and marries her while in office...we could headline some good news instead... Two words... PAH THETIC! Governor Sanford makes me sad but I doubt he could've been president with that last name but hey the name Obama didn't stop Obama. It makes me sad to think about what politicians have done to marriage...What a JOKE! I don't even understand how this situation with Sanford got so out of hand. Its like he was set up or something...of course not hard when you are already cheating. He must have a lot of post his emails he sent to his Argentine lady friend. That was low.

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Mark said...

What's really pathetic? Since he's Republican, that means Liberal Democrats will once again start making generalisms that Republicans are hypocritical.

Every time a Republican makes a mistake like this they send in the attack hounds, and we normal people are left to defend our ideology.