Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I think it is time to replace the Supreme Court with a computer. It wouldn't even have to be a supercomputer -- maybe an Atari 400 or a Commodore PET. After all, the only job of a Supreme Court justice is to determine whether a law is constitutional. Does this law match the Constitution? Computers are great at finding matches, but somehow, that's too complex a problem for liberals. Obama's obamination for the Supreme Court is the poster child for what a judge should NOT be. Judge Sonya Sotomayor believes it is appropriate for a judge to consider her “experiences as women and people of color” in their decision making, which she believes should “affect our decisions.” That attitude has resulted in 60% of her rulings being overturned. And, once again, Obama wants her confirmed NOW. No time for deliberation. I'm for the Atari. I have been wondering how it makes sense for a car company to shut down dealerships that are selling its product. Now I know. Sense had nothing to do with it. This is raw, Chicago-style, mob politics. Is anyone going to call Obama on it? Doubtful. For the first time in five weeks, I am castless. They removed the cast Tuesday and now I have to wear this huge velcro boot for three weeks. I now know why you don't see Sasquatches driving Corvettes. The accelerator and the brake pedal are too close for comfort. If I plow through a crowd, I hope they blame the boot and not my age. My age. I'm spending my last weeks in the 50s. I turn 60 in mid-June. How did this happen???


Joe said...

Time flys when you're having...

"the only job of a Supreme Court justice is to determine whether a law is constitutional."

What!? When did THAT happen?

Why, I have watched the SCOTUS for years and they have not used that as a guideline in all the time I've watched them.

Wait. Let me look.

You're right...that IS the only job of the Supreme Court.

Who knew?

Mark said...

How did this happen??? You don't know?

If Obama wants to intimidate all American industries into doing what he wants, wouldn't it make more sense for him to make it clear that to oppose his policies they are risking the same fate as those now closed auto dealers?

I think you are right about the Supreme Court. It shouldn't take deliberation to decide if a law is Constitutional or not.

Jim O said...

I'm exactly 3 years behind ya. Life is short. At least the part that takes place on earth.

Actually, over 90% of the Supreme Court's work has little or nothing to do with the Constitution. It's very boring stuff like resolving inconsistencies among the Circuit Courts on what a certain clause in a statute means. But that's what it was suppossed to be. In Marbury v. Madison, the Supreme court usurped the power to declare state laws unconstutional. There's nothing in the constitution about that. That's how Obama can give such contol over our lives to people like Sotomayor.

Don't even think of trying to drive with that boot, if it's on your right foot. I had one last year, and tried to drive once. Thank God no one was killed or injured.

Trader Rick said...

You're going to LOVE your sixties. Find a woman in her fifties!