Saturday, December 16, 2006

This Guy is SO Full of Himself!

Barak Hussein Obama seems to believe his own press. He obviously thinks he's America's Great Beige Hope and he's afraid someone might try to shoot him.

Sen. Barack Obama is concerned about his personal security --telling the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board Thursday that he and his wife fear there is a potential for violence -- even if he does not run for president.

"Being shot, obviously, that is the least-attractive option,'' Obama said.

The Illinois Democrat told the Sun-Times he has concluded a 2008 White House bid "would be viable" and he would have "a pretty good chance of winning the nomination.''

Judging from what I've heard, this chain-smoker should fear lung cancer more than lead poisoning.


Anonymous said...

What is he worried about? There's gun control in IL.

He told Marleen Dowd not to tease him about his ears and now he's worried about being shot. So we know he has a bad body image (Using Oprahspeak) and he thinks he's hated...Yeah this guy's as much a winner as sen kerry.

Tonto said...

Obama has a more like "Don't hate me because I am beautiful" image about himself. Who doesn't want to be him kind of thing...i guess it makes you think if we can be you we want to kill you.

Jedi Master Rob said...

I'm already getting sick of hearing his name.