Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa Is Still the Man

My annual Santa Drive went off without a hitch. I got honks and grins and shouts and people taking my picture all around the Beltway. People older than I still get a kick out of a wave from Santa. The really good news is that I slipped into the suit with the greatest of ease and the wide belt went to the last notch, unlike a few years ago, when I had to struggle to get into the outfit. You know you're overweight when you don't fit into Santa's suit. Then, I went home and changed my clothes and went out to lunch. I had to scrub so hard to get the rouge off my cheeks and nose that when I was done, I didn't know whether there was still makeup on my face or whether it was naturally red. I drove the same car to lunch with the top still down, but didn't get a wave, nor a smile, not so much as a glance in my direction. I felt like David Caruso after his career crashed. And now the sun is down and I'm just relaxing, watching The Santa Clause 2, eating kettle corn and washing it down with pink lemonade. It's been a good day. I hope I didn't offend too many kids.


Tonto said...

Are you kidding?? They probably remember you from last fun! Reminds of that guy who is giving out free hugs.

Anonymous said...

Still da man!!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas all! And thank you for doing the Santa thing. Up here in MA, some idiot parents tried to get their kids' bus driver fired when he wore a Santa hat (not suit) the other day.

Bunch of grinches :-(