Friday, December 15, 2006

I Have HD! (Kinda, Sorta)

So, I settled down in front of the new TV tonight to watch the Fear and Tears show (Ghost Whisperer) and I noticed that my non-responsive cable box was displaying the time on the front. Could it be? I quickly switched to the cable input and sure enuff, it was receiving a signal. So, I switched over to CBSHD to watch Ghost Whisperer. Rick, if you think she looks good on regular TV, you should see her in High Def. I could count every eyelash. by the way, I found out on this Hollywood Gossip site that the reason Jennifer has been wearing those maternity tops is that her hips seem to be growing out of control. So, my suspicions were wrong. She's not with child. Enough girly-boy talk. What was I talking about? Oh, yeah, the cable box. HOWEVER, I once again can't get the channels that are in bold face in the schedule. I can't even figure out WHY some channels are in boldface. For instance, I can get the Discovery Channel on 111, but not Discovery Times on 112. So, I guess my appointment with the cable guy is still on for Tuesday. I normally wouldn't sweat it, but one of those bold channels is Encore Westerns. I haven't seen the Gene Autry Show since I was a pre-schooler.


Trader Rick said...

Oh yeah! Out of control hips! Out of control booty and out of control Lungs!! Be still my heart. She could lose those Size XXL fake eyelashes, tho. I actually got distracted last night and started paying attention to the plot, tho--Was Payne's wife watching him from their upstairs window? What's going on there? Did I miss some subplot developing?

Lone Ranger said...

I think all is not well in the Payne household. And seeing her husband in a car with Jennifer Love Hewitt couldn't help matters any. I'm guessing she'll have a speaking part really soon.

FrenziedFeline said...

I rather like David Conrad, Jennifer's TV husband, myself--Hubba, Hubba. :)

I thought Jennifer might be pregnant, too. Not just the maternity-type tops, but it seemed she was wearing lots of jackets, etc. that would hide a pregnancy.

I'm miffed that they started the plot with Payne's wife right before the Christmas break. Hmph!